Protocol Converter

PowerZaC - Protocol Converter is a highly flexible general purpose protocol converter and transaction router designed for those companies requiring a transaction network solution that can be enhanced to meet their specific enterprise requirements.

It is built for those who have specific transaction communication or message conversion requirements. Supports all protocols which structure can be expressed with set of rules and in the same time it is multi-protocol gateway and protocol converter.

Designed to operate with any rule based message formats, multiple communication interfaces and highly adaptable business logic it will meet virtually any business requirement.

PowerZaC - Protocol Converter can be expanded with EDC Service which receives batch transfers in a variety of record formats such as VISA MDC, GENCARD, HYPERCOM, ISO8583, etc.

After on-line capturing it can be configured to forward batch transfer to another host. It also provides settlement support for a number of protocols as APACS, HYPERCOM, ISO8583, BICISO, ISO-HOST, etc.

Logical and structural reformatting

  • Message transformation between different formats
  • Adjusts differences between protocols (business rules)

Reformatting macro language

  • Offers wide range of operations and transformations over message contents
  • Access to complete history of financial transaction (request, response, reversal, adjustments, capture‚Ķ)