PowerZaC - Real-time Transaction Processing System

PowerZaC is real-time transaction processing system that joins exceptional customization capability & modularity with high throughput and reliability.

Running on well known and hard proven platforms (AIX, HP-UX, Gentoo Linux) PowerZaC leverages on basic platform stability for round the clock operations, brings compliance with all major card schemes, and features extensive protocol support, flexibility in switching rules, protocol and business logic conversion, authorization, settlement, ATM driving, cryptographic support and many other.

The third generation is developed as the major enhancement of the existing ZaC system, and unifies all of the advantages of the ZaC system already proven in production enviroments with the collection of new features.


  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners compliance
  • Extendable to proprietary business schemes
  • Message engine provides extensive protocol support, protocol and business logic conversion
  • Advanced switching models include support for alternative, cascading and recursive algorithms
  • Processing extensions through Perl scripting
  • Payment related business modules (authorization, settlement, ATM driving...)
  • GUI based centralized system management
  • Alerting services


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